White gold for your Well-being

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Precious treatments for health and spirit

At Seawater Hotels you regenerate caressed by salt, sun and nature. A hotel where you can be reborn thanks to the powerful properties of white gold, to live a holiday of health, well-being and relaxation. A welcoming refuge where body and spirit can flourish again, with exclusive treatments and targeted paths.

Targeted paths for a sweet well-being

Medical spa: A health immersion

The Medical spa puts at the service of the guest an in-depth knowledge in the thalassotherapy field, offering curative treatments for various pathologies based on the extraordinary properties of the natural salt of the Marsala salt pans. Among the different treatments, saltwater balneotherapy, saline tanks filled with hot (dry) sea salt and phototherapy to amplify the beneficial effects. For inflammation of the respiratory tract, the hotel offers saline aerosols.

Mens sana in corpore sano

Listen to your body and take care of it. Take a break, in complete freedom, to restore the balance between mind and body, abandoning all forms of stress to find your harmony.
Our wellness spa offers traditional treatments and holistic massages, inspired by mindfulness and oriental, Chinese and Ayurvedic natural medicines, massages with essential oils and natural products, shiatsu and thematic wellness rituals.


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