Medical Spa

Beauty & Cosmetics

Cosmetic line

Virgin saline water, precious source of beauty

Our in-depth knowledge in the thalassotherapy field has allowed us to develop a cosmetic line without equal on the market: the SWH skincare range is characterized by the presence of virgin saline water, unique and precious.
The high content of sodium chloride promotes deep hydration; the essential oils, trace elements and other salts present have extraordinary revitalizing and anti-aging properties. A complete offer that includes beauty products and other formulations to assist medical treatments.


Movement is life!

According to the philosophy of well-being that is the basis of SeaWater Hotels, we also offer a private coaching service with morning muscle awakening, postural gymnastics, stretching and yoga to be practiced in our garden full of Mediterranean plants and flowers, as well as water aerobics lessons to be carried out in the pools. During the stay each guest can request a personalized program according to individual needs.

Wellness spa

Pampering of well-being

For a wellness holiday, you can choose from a wide range of detoxifying, relaxing and invigorating massages, softening baths with aromatic essences, revitalizing compresses, specific smoothing scrubs for the face or body, almond milk baths, mud wraps and much more.
In addition, to reduce stress and painful muscle contractures, the wellness spa offers specific treatments for muscle relaxation with relaxation massages and decontracting massages, as well as cervicalgia and low back pain treatments to improve spinal function and re-educate posture.