Wellness under the salt mark


  • be welcomed and cuddled from the very first moment and enjoy a unique sensory experience, regenerating in the embrace of salt and sunshine.
  • living in an environmentally friendly place with the use of renewable energy, rainwater recovery and purification with ozone and UV filters
  • savouring tasty dishes, using selected ingredients and cooking methods that preserve their organoleptic qualities
  • smell the scent of virgin saline water on your skin with natural cosmetics, rich in trace elements and micronutrients

Seawater Hotels & Medical SPA it’s the cot of your journey around the culture of salt

Experience Hotel

Immerse yourself in crystal-clear waters, caress your skin with salt and your soul with the wind. Only here it is possible, where the extreme edge of Sicily looks out over the Egadi Islands, where the sun dips behind Favignana every evening. It is located in a magical place, Seawater Hotels & Medical SPA Marsala, on the furthest edge of Western Sicily, near an ecosystem that has remained unchanged for centuries, the Saline della Laguna, an oasis of rare beauty protected by the WWF. The salt salines are dotted with salt pyramids, overlooked by the blades of a mill that has been reducing sea crystals into salt since the 16th century.
Medical SPA was born from the concept of salt and the divine essence of the sea

Natural life style

The comfort is natural, the rooms are bright, the fabrics are hypoallergenic for sleeping and the fabrics are soft for daily hygiene. The ingredients in the kitchen are local, the recipes are regional, and the approach to the environment is also respectful, aimed at saving energy, recovering rainwater and purifying the pools with ozone and UV filters.

Natural living

Wrapped in neutral tones and muffled atmospheres, Seawater Hotels & Medical SPA’s spaces are imbued with natural materials, textured and opaque textures, and locally crafted ceramics. The ideal setting for reading next to the library with newspaper service, a chat in the shade of the patio, a tasting at the wine bar or on the hotel terrace.

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