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The cuisine of Seawater Hotel Marsala sublimates the gastronomic culture of the territory, selecting the key ingredients, both land and sea, and subjecting them to cold cooking on the salt or to low-temperature processes to preserve their organoleptic qualities. It makes conscious use of salt, uses flours from ancient Sicilian grains, and accompanies the catch of the day with seasonal vegetable mixtures.
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Celebrating a Sicilian pride, one of the most elegant and complex wines in the world, the hotel’s wine bar: Marsala, a liqueur-like nectar born from the red clods of the Marsala countryside and aged in oak or chestnut barrels, acquires the fragrance, flavour and colour of Marsala after decades of ageing. Other indigenous wines such as grillo, catarratto, inzolia, grecanico, zibibbo, perricone and a menu of cocktails and aperitifs for your moments of relaxation are also available.