Saline inhalation therapies: a panacea for respiratory diseases

Terapie inalatorie

Inflammatory diseases of the upper and middle respiratory tract adversely affect the quality of life, both in the private and in the workplace. In older people they can also get complicated with involvement of the bronchi and lungs.

In children they are a cause of absence from school, restlessness, difficult sleep with frequent awakenings and snoring. The drugs available act only on the symptoms, since there is no cure aimed at the cause. For this reason, inhalation therapies may be the best solution.

The inhalation therapies based on saline solution of various concentrations proposed by SeaWater Hotels are delivered with highly innovative equipment, which allows to obtain maximum effectiveness in terms of results.

At guests’ disposal:

Aerosol with four different modes of delivery of inhalation therapies: Hot-humid inhalations, Thermal aerosol, Micronized shower, Medical aerosol.

Endo-tympanic insufflations performed by an ENT specialist doctor: through a disposable Politzer nasal catheter or olive, air is blown into the nasal fossa near the tube to establish adequate ventilation of the middle ear. Very useful and decisive in case of rhinogenic deafness.

What pathologies can be treated?

These cycles of treatment give excellent results on different problems, including rhinitis, sinusitis, pharyngitis, chronic laryngitis, relapsing otitis. It is a group of pathologies that often tend to recur and become chronic precisely because of inadequate therapies that, being only symptomatic, should be limited to the acute phase.

The chronic condition responds best to natural treatments, which simply form normal mucociliary clearance and fluidification of secretions, healing the epithelium of the mucous membranes. A course of inhalation therapies based on saline solution repeated a couple of times a year is able to solve these disabling disorders in an definitive way, most of the times.