Swimming pools

Inspired by nature…

In designing our water world, we have been inspired by the surrounding nature, creating gardens full of Mediterranean plants, from cacti with their wonderful fruits, to lavender and rosemary, including lemon trees, orange trees offering you ferns, aloe. Take a deep breath and treat yourself to a series of strokes, or simply let yourself be lulled by the water and let your mind wander far away. Comfortable loungers for those who love the sun or reading a good book in the shade of colourful parasols for your moments of freedom.

The Sea into a pool…

Along the way of salt from Trapani to Marsala, the seawater turns from deep blue to a checkerboard of watercolours tinged with white, pink and fuchsia. It is the miracle of the salt, which transforms the seawater into even purer and whiter crystals. The salt harvest in the Marsala salt salines is still carried out manually. An ancient and wise rite that makes salt a precious commodity and a unique essential element, which you can appreciate by taking a dip in our saltwater pool, a regenerating bath for your skin.

Your special moments

Close your eyes and imagine an happy hour by the pool at sunset or a candlelit dinner in a relaxed atmosphere, listening to the sound of the overflowing water, swaying slightly in the wind. Imagine your own special moments. Your birthday, your graduation party, your dinner with friends, your surprise party. Any time is the right time to enjoy our pools.