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Scrub per il corpo e per il viso: pelle luminosa e levigata!

Lo scrub per il corpo e per il viso offre molteplici benefici che lo rendono un alleato prezioso di bellezza rendendo la pelle morbida, compatta e levigata.

Salt compresses for joint pain, balneotherapy and saline tub

Salt compresses for joint pain promote well-being and help to improve the state of health by allowing you to limit drug therapies.

SWH cosmetic lines: health and beauty

The in-depth knowledge in the thalassotherapy field of the specialists working at Seawater Hotels has allowed us to develop cosmetic lines without equal on the market.

Salt and psoriasis: the Seawater Hotels treatment path

Psoriasis is an inflammatory and chronic skin disease, not contagious, which tends to follow a cyclical course with acute phases and remission phases.

Body beauty treatments: all the ways to regain beauty

Renew, nourish and moisturize the skin of the face and body.

The principle of osmosis and aesthetic salt treatments

Salt has disinfectant, healing and osmotic properties. The latter are very effective to counteract numerous imperfections restoring health and beauty.

The benefits and healing properties of salt

Salt is an essential raw material, widely diffused, simple from a chemical point of view, but with extraordinary characteristics: the healing properties of salt are powerful and diversified.

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