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Seawater Hotel
Wellness Spa Holiday

Immersed in the warm reflections of the Sicilian sun and the gentle breezes of the Mediterranean Sea, Marsala is the ideal place for a wellness holiday that will allow you to regenerate body, mind and soul.
Thanks to our services you can relax and enjoy a wonderful sea view.
Your relaxing holiday begins when you walk through the hotel doors.
A professional and attentive staff will wait for you to satisfy your every wish.

A pleasant awakening in the morning
Your days will begin with the gentle caress of the sun filtering through the curtains of your bright and elegant suite. Imagine waking up to a panoramic view of the blue sea and the scent of the sea pervading the air. After a restful night's sleep, treat yourself to a healthy and delicious breakfast, made with fresh local products.

Relaxation rituals and treatments in the Bio & Beauty Spa
In the hotel's bio & beauty spa, a world of pampering and treatments awaits you to immerse yourself in a deep relaxation ritual. An expert staff will take care of you, relieving muscle tension and easing accumulated stress.
From saltwater pools to hydromassage, face and body scrubs, balneotherapy in saline tubs, salt treatments…each experience is designed to make you feel rejuvenated and renewed.

Relaxing break by the pool
After your treatments, immerse yourself in our crystal clear pools and relax under the sun.
Enjoy a fresh and tasty drink, read a good book while the sounds of the water and the warmth of the sun will pamper you in an embrace of pure relaxation.

The Enchantment of the Sunset
The sky is colored in shades of orange, pink and gold, creating a show that looks like a painting.
Breathe deeply and let the slow rhythm of the sunset calm your thoughts and ease tensions.
You can enjoy a delicious aperitif on our rooftop, prepared with care and attention to detail.
Sip your cocktail or a good glass of wine while admiring the sunset

Delicious Gourmet Dinner
After the aperitif, continue the evening with a gourmet dinner at the hotel restaurant.
Delight your palate with dishes created by our chef, which celebrate local flavors and high quality ingredients. ...create precious memories that will stay with you forever!

Salt compresses for joint pain, balneotherapy and saline tub

Salt compresses for joint pain promote well-being and help to improve the state of health by allowing you to limit drug therapies.

SWH cosmetic lines: health and beauty

The in-depth knowledge in the thalassotherapy field of the specialists working at Seawater Hotels has allowed us to develop cosmetic lines without equal on the market.

Salt and psoriasis: the Seawater Hotels treatment path

Psoriasis is an inflammatory and chronic skin disease, not contagious, which tends to follow a cyclical course with acute phases and remission phases.

Body beauty treatments: all the ways to regain beauty

Renew, nourish and moisturize the skin of the face and body.

The principle of osmosis and aesthetic salt treatments

Salt has disinfectant, healing and osmotic properties. The latter are very effective to counteract numerous imperfections restoring health and beauty.

The benefits and healing properties of salt

Salt is an essential raw material, widely diffused, simple from a chemical point of view, but with extraordinary characteristics: the healing properties of salt are powerful and diversified.

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