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SWH cosmetic lines: health and beauty

The in-depth knowledge in the thalassotherapy field of the specialists working at Seawater Hotels has allowed us to develop cosmetic lines without equal on the market.
The SWH skincare range is characterized by the presence of virgin saline water, unique and precious: the high content of sodium chloride promotes deep hydration; essential oils, trace elements and vitamins have extraordinary anti-aging properties.
A complete offer that includes beauty products and other formulations to assist medical treatments.

Difficult and psoriatic skin
To combat these problems, silky body cream and oiled bath (non-foaming detergent) are available; both products have been clinically tested at the University of Sassari. Studies have shown an increase in skin hydration of 150% after 21 days of use, as well as a reduction in erythema and peeling at the level of the plaques, thanks to the simultaneous use of the two products. The line for difficult and psoriatic skin is completed with moisturizing and protective cream with exfoliating action.

Leg wellness
For the well-being of the legs, the range offers two products. The rosemary toning detergent gives elasticity to the tissues and has an anti-inflammatory action; thanks to the saline mother water, it stimulates circulation, drains the lymphatic system and improves microcirculation; enriched with sweet almond oil, it is emollient and soothing. The body cream regenerates and tones in depth and reactivates lymphatic stasis thanks to the high content of saline mother water.

Atopic dermatitis
In case of atopic dermatitis, it is advisable to use the fluid emulsion designed for the baby's skin: thanks to rice starch, it soothes redness and skin irritation; Vitamin E has an antioxidant and protective action. The lavender and thyme cleanser respects the skin thanks to the noble principles present in virgin saline water and olive oil. The micellar lotion, a water-based cleanser, removes make-up and moisturizes the skin of the face gently, in a single gesture. The surfactant molecules clean thoroughly without affecting the hydrolipidic barrier.

Anti-aging cosmetic lines
To combat aging, Seawater Hotels offers an anti-aging face cream designed for mature skin: it repairs the epidermis in depth, stimulates cell regeneration, delays the signs of aging, counteracts the loss of tone and firmness thanks to the special formulation enriched with silymarin phytosomes, vitamin E and hyaluronic acid.

The night face cream counteracts the effects of time, stress and pollution.
Applied every evening it nourishes in depth thanks to the properties of virgin saline water.

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