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Restaurant & Bar

A place where culinary excellence and a welcoming atmosphere mix to create an unforgettable experience.
Our restaurant with a large dehor by the pool offers a wide selection of dishes prepared with passion, using fresh and high quality ingredients.
Our chefs are dedicated to creating recipes inspired by the local culinary tradition, with a touch of creativity and innovation. From seafood specialties to meat-based dishes, each recipe is an explosion of authentic flavours.
Our rich wine list offers a great variety from the surrounding areas, the result of a long tradition. Also in our bar you can enjoy a wide selection of delicious cocktails, refreshing drinks and much more.
Our expert barmen will be happy to satisfy your every wish.
An elegant and welcoming atmosphere, with a refined design and attention to detail that make each visit a unique experience.


Mar... Sale

Welcome to the Mar….Sale Restaurant, where cuisine meets Sicilian tradition to offer you a unique gastronomic experience.
We only use the highest quality ingredients, carefully selected and in line with seasonality and subjecting them to cold cooking on the salt or to low-temperature processes to preserve their organoleptic qualities
Sicily, with its privileged position in the heart of the Mediterranean, offers a variety of exceptional ingredients.
Our expert and passionate chefs work to create refined dishes that expertly combine local ingredients



Celebrating a Sicilian pride, one of the most elegant and complex wines in the world, the hotel’s wine bar: Marsala, a liqueur-like nectar born from the red clods of the Marsala countryside and aged in oak or chestnut barrels, acquires the fragrance, flavour and colour of Marsala after decades of ageing.
Other indigenous wines such as grillo, catarratto, inzolia, grecanico, zibibbo, perricone and a menu of cocktails and aperitifs for your moments of relaxation are also available.

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