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Marsala and Surroundings

Exploring Marsala and its fascinating Surroundings:
A Journey through History, Nature and Culture

This Sicilian city offers much more than a traditional experience: it's an exciting journey that will take you through the history, nature and culture of this fascinating region.

Discovering Marsala: History and Taste
Marsala is renowned for its wine and its millenary history.
Visit local wineries to learn about the wine making process and taste unique and delicious varietals.Discover the historic center and admire the architecture of past centuries.
Don't forget to taste the authentic Sicilian cuisine, where dishes such as pasta with sardines and caponata will make you fall in love with the local flavours.

Mozia Island ...
an Immersion in Antiquity
Take a boat to the Island of Mozia, a fascinating archaeological site that will take you back in time to the Phoenician era. Explore the ancient ruins, admire the artifacts and learn the history of this ancient colony. The island also offers spectacular coastal views, giving you the perfect blend of culture and natural beauty.

Marsala's salt pans
The salt pans of Marsala are another unmissable stop, located a short distance from the hotel.
Learn about the traditional process of harvesting sea salt and see the picturesque windmills.
This spot also offers stunning panoramic views.

Excursion to the Egadi Islands:
Nature and Relax
You cannot visit Marsala without taking an excursion to the Egadi Islands.
Rent a boat and sail to Favignana, Levanzo or Marettimo. Here you will find crystal clear waters, hidden caves and breathtaking beaches.
Enjoy swimming, snorkelling or just relaxing on the sand as you immerse yourself in the beauty of marine nature.
Exploring these lands, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in a world of flavours, colors and unique stories that only Sicily can offer.
Get ready for a journey that will leave you with indelible memories and a deep connection with this wonderful region.

Island of Favignana: crystal clear sea and picturesque views

The island of Favignana is famous for its crystal clear sea, beaches and coves: the variety of its coast offers different scenarios satisfying every preference.

What to see in Marsala in one or two days

If you are looking for ideas on what to see in Marsala, here are some tips: churches, squares, palaces, museums, parks, promenade, beaches and the beautiful surroundings

Discover the marvel of the salt pans of the Marsala lagoon, between well-being and tradition

In the park of the salt pans of the Marsala lagoon there is the Isola Lunga which offers an "open-air SPA" with various pools and an active salt pan for diving.

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