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A regenerating experience that combines the benefits of water and the healing properties of sea salt.
Salt water balneotherapy is a therapeutic method that uses the healing properties of water and sea salt to promote relaxation, relieve stress and promote physical recovery.
Salt water benefits the skin, muscles and joints.
Our resort has 3 swimming pools, one with salt water, which thanks to its concentration of mineral salts, helps improve blood circulation, stimulates the lymphatic system and promotes the regeneration of skin cells.
The warm salt water will gently envelop you, relaxing tense muscles and reducing the feeling of fatigue.
Our specialized staff will be at your disposal to offer you a personalized treatment and advise you on the best practices to follow during balneotherapy in salt water.
Experience the magic of this natural therapy and rediscover the balance of body and mind.


9% saltwater pool

Immerse yourself in a unique wellness experience with our balneotherapy in the 9% saltwater pool.
This exclusive treatment not only harnesses the natural benefits of sea salt, but also offers you the extraordinary sensation of weightlessness, allowing you to regenerate your body and mind like never before. The sensation of weightlessness allows you to float freely, relieving pressure on your body and offering a total wellness experience. Translated with DeepL.com (free version)


28% salt baths

Twenty minutes, maximum thirty, of immersion in a single tank salinised to a very high density (around 28%) ensures reactivation of the blood and lymphatic circulation, detoxification of the tissues, contrast of adiposity, water retention, nodularity. These ablutions are useful for the general well-being of all ages. Even a short course of salt bath sessions relaxes and reactivates, providing energy and promoting sleep


The power of salt

Immersion in "Salina", a finely designed wooden tub containing 300 kg of Marsala salt heated to 40 degrees for an incredible relaxing experience in a dry bath.
Like a prodigious balm, immersion in the warm salt of the SALINA bath heals the epidermis and reactivates the circulation, improving the aesthetic appearance and triggering a drainage process that is able to reduce the circumference of the thighs noticeably.

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