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Body beauty treatments: all the ways to regain beauty.

Renew, nourish and moisturize the skin of the face and body.

At SeaWater Hotels all this is possible through specific paths that use the benefits of Marsala sea salt, the virtues of different natural elements, the professional equipment and the competence of the staff who perform the body beauty treatments.

Salt is a precious raw material also in the cosmetic and cosmeceutical field and acts as a prodigious balm on the epidermis. Immersion in high salinity tanks, for example, is a panacea for the skin, even the most sensitive, which will be regenerated by acquiring maximum splendour. In addition, the alternating immersion in salt bath and saline bath improves the physical appearance and triggers a drainage process that is able to reduce the circumference of the thighs in a sensitive way, proving to be the ideal solution for those who have problems with stagnation of liquids, orange peel skin and cellulite.

To regain full beauty, the SeaWater Hotels SPA offers other proposals based on natural elements such as fruit, able to enhance the effects of the treatments. The ingredients used come mostly from the territory of Sicily, a land rich from the point of view of organic cultivation. Each chosen element is selected according to its specific characteristics in order to act on different fronts such as body relaxation, toning, hydration, revitalization and cell turnover. This will lead to a soft, compact and regenerated skin.

The staff of the SeaWater Hotels will advise each guest on the most suitable body beauty treatments for their specific needs, giving the opportunity to choose from a wide range of packages that integrate the use of professional equipment with relaxing or invigorating massages, purifying scrubs, baths with aromatic essences and much more. An integrated approach capable of giving unique results.

Among the proposals we find:

Body scrub with whole salt, enriched with orange, citrus or olive oil essence
Facial scrub with essential trace elements and restructuring fluids
Fig jams (vitaminizing) and grape jams (antioxidant and vasoprotective) for a face mask that promotes brightness and cell renewal
Bath with almond milk for velvety skin
White mud wrap

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