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Salt and psoriasis: the Seawater Hotels treatment path

Psoriasis is an inflammatory and chronic skin disease, not contagious, which tends to follow a cyclical course with acute phases and remission phases. It is manifested by thickened areas (erythematous and roundish plaques, delimited at the edges), covered with scales of a whitish colour that fades into silvery-gray. Sometimes it causes itching.
Usually, these plaques appear on the elbows, knees, scalp and lumbar area, but they can also extend throughout the body. Symptoms can begin at any age, but are more frequent when entering adulthood, between the ages of 20 and 30, or between the ages of 50 and 60.

The causes of psoriasis are not yet fully known but certainly the main component is genetic. In addition, it is a pathology that is significantly affected by stress, both physical and psychic. But how is this disease treated? Scientific studies have shown that salt and psoriasis can be closely linked in the treatment pathways.

To combat this disease, Seawater Hotels has developed proper protocols that provide for a cycle of baths in water and salt at high concentration. This path helps to reduce the thickening of the plaques, up to complete cleansing of the skin, reduces the inflammatory state and itching caused by the disease, promotes the healing of small wounds, cuts and fissures associated with psoriasis. The best results are obtained by following the bath with exposure to the sun or narrowband UV-B rays.

Salt and psoriasis treatment
The route proposed at Seawater Hotels includes:
12 bathrooms in single bath (% salinity 25-30%), duration 30′
12 baths in salt pool (% salinity 10%), duration 30′
10 UV-B narrow band applications (1 day interval after 6)

To complete:
SWH oiled bath *
SWH silky body cream *
SWH protective moisturizer (to be massaged well in small quantities on particularly thickened areas; 10% urea)**

* Clinically tested
** Dermatologically tested

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