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The principle of osmosis and aesthetic salt treatments

Salt has disinfectant, healing and osmotic properties. The latter are very effective to counteract numerous imperfections restoring health and beauty.

But what is osmosis and how does it relate to beauty treatments with salt?

Osmosis occurs when two solutions with different concentrations (in our case body fluids and a solution of water and salt) are separated by a semipermeable membrane (the skin). By immersing our body, whose fluids have a salt concentration of about 9 grams per liter (0.9%), in a water bath that has a higher salt concentration, we will release the excess fluids present in our tissues.

To activate osmosis, it is necessary that the liquid in which we immerse ourselves has a concentration of sodium chloride of at least 10 gr per liter (1.0%). Moreover, to obtain clinically effective results, the concentration should be about double (2.0%).

In general, the contact of the epidermis with concentrated saline solutions (up to dry salt), thanks to the osmosis process that is immediately activated, serves to reduce the stagnation of liquids in the subcutaneous tissues.

Osmosis, for example, is able to restore the correct balance in case of cellulite. This imperfection is in fact caused, among other factors, by a slowdown in the circulation of interstitial fluid, an altered cellular metabolism with nodule formations, due to reactive fibrosis, dilation of capillaries and slowing down of circulation.

The Marsala sea salt beauty treatments of SeaWater Hotels are a panacea to solve this and many other aesthetic problems such as orange peel skin, abdominal obesity, sagging skin and breasts. At Seawater Hotel Medical SPA you can find targeted and personalized paths so that the skin can regain the correct physiological balance, hydration, tone and a significant reduction in the circumference of the limbs.

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