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Salt compresses for joint pain, balneotherapy and saline tub

The aging of the population and sedentary life are the cause of a constant increase in the frequency of pathologies characterized by chronic painful articular symptomatology.
Salt compresses for joint pain promote well-being and help to significantly improve the state of health.

SeaWater Hotels offers spa treatments based on dry salt (saline bath) and salt water (balneotherapy) in support of medical therapies, allowing the patient to reduce or even suspend medications for long periods.

Balneotherapy with salt water at medium and high concentration takes place taking advantage of the outdoor pool and the single indoor pools. The saline tank, on the other hand, is a high-tech proposal that involves immersing the body in a tank full of salt heated to 40 degrees by means of a sophisticated system of electro ventilation. You enter wearing a TNT jumpsuit, which guarantees maximum hygiene.

Thanks to these treatments, the properties of salt are transmitted to the body through an osmotic process that acts in depth on the tissues exerting a decontracting, pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory action, giving almost immediate relief.
Both solutions include sessions that last about 20/30 minutes. A full course of balneotherapy includes 12-24 dives, while the frequency of the salt tank depends on the indication for which it is proposed. Some routes also require the application of localized hot salt, to be kept for about twenty minutes.

What osteoarticular pathologies can be treated with salt? The osteoarticular pathologies that can be treated with salt are varied. Among the most common are:

Arthrosis: chronic painful symptomatology, characterized by degenerative processes caused by thinning of articular cartilage;
Muscle contractures: painful symptoms often localized to the lumbar, dorsal or cervical fascia, due to fatigue or incorrect posture;
Tendinitis, epicondylitis, bursitis: acute inflammatory painful symptomatology that can become chronic, caused by fatigue, overload and wear, sometimes with accumulation of fluid at the level of the joint capsule.

The salt-based therapies proposed by SeaWater Hotels are also a panacea in case of trauma, such as sprains and bruises (also associated with edema and with joint capsule involvement) and for the after-effects that derive from orthopaedic interventions.

Each path based on salt compresses for joint pain is established after a thorough medical examination.

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