Seawater Bio & Beauty Spa
Florio Wineries Tour & Wine Tasting Marsala- Trapani in Sicily
Florio Wineries  Tour & Wine Tasting Marsala- Trapani in Sicily

If you are a lover of wine and good food, a stay at the Seawater Hotels Bio & Beaty Spa combined with a wine tasting in the Florio cellar will be an extraordinary experience for your senses.

Your stay begins with the arrival in our welcoming hotel located in Marsala a few steps from the Saline dello Stagnone.

Here you will enjoy all the comforts and services offered by the hotel.
You can relax in our elegant rooms equipped with all comforts, taste rich and delicious breakfasts, delight yourself with the Sicilian cuisine and use the 3 swimming pools, the bio & beauty SPA with all its treatments.

Then it’s time to discover the wonderful world of wine.
The renowned Florio winery will open its doors to you for a unique tasting experience.

Founded in 1833 by Vincenzo Florio, the Florio cellars represent an authentic symbol of Italian winemaking excellence.
The wine cellar is a fascinating place, where you can breathe the history and the art of winemaking.

A complete and unforgettable experience, in which you can immerse yourself in the Sicilian food and wine culture.


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